About us
XMOUVE from Netherlands, is a startup inventor  of  E-Mobility for all, aims to promote  intelligent ecycling system gloabally for sustainable development by adopting  cutting-edge technolog. It is founded by a group of enthuastic riders with  strong educational background in merchanical filed and abundant experience in  the fields, 1/3 of the group are senior engineers in the cycling industry and  are adroit in riding tuning; while the rest are merchanical engineers.
The group is a team with far vision and deep understanding about cycling, the electrified traditioanl transportation mean. XMOUVE believes cycling benefits not only the rider with mental and physical health, but also contributes to social, economic and enviormental development.
+31(0) 6301 67807
Molendijk zuid 23B, 5482 WZ Schijndel, the Netherlands
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+31(0) 6301 67807
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