Fashion as part of cityview
Follow the heart to explore the city we are living in, only for leasiure or fun, is not a dream, but shall be the core of our daily lives . With Xmouve ECITY solution, the rider is even part of city fashion, elegant and brillant. Max 40n.m torque support guarantes easy and comfortable riding dispite of city slopes.Smart controller effects pecise support demanded by the rider, via input from dual-sided contactless torque sensor adopting cutting-edge technology, which features in reliable performance and lineary output, ensuring smartness of a complete bike.  Optional electric package includes IOT, ABS, GPS,etc further upgrades  connectivity for smoother, safer, smarter riding.  
Battery: I5
Voltage: 36V Current: 10.5AH Weight: 3.3KGS

Motor: XRM080C
Power: 250W Voltage: 36V Torque: ≥40Nm

Controller: XC200
Power: 200-300W Voltage: 36V Current: l4A

Sensor: XTS-200
Signal: Dual-sided Range: 0~100Nm

Display : XD58C
DC24V/36V/48V 5 LEVELS

Motor: XRM080C
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