Liberation for movement
Cycling among the snowflakes in the winter countryside  or at the sand beach of hot summer, is always full of fun, relaxing the rider physcially & mentally. XMOUVE EFAT solution is invented right for those ones, who love outdoor exercising deeply. Max 80N,M assistance is activiated once smart non-contact dual-sided torque sensor detects support demand, and robustly drives the rider forward, enhancing free riding pleasures, rolling up flying snows or silver sands, or even dirts. All contibute to presenting a charming movement image of leberation from souls longing for adventures and excitations.
Voltage: 48V Current: 14AH Weight:3.5KGS

Motor: XRM090C
Power: 750W Voltage: 48V Torque: ≥80Nm

Controller: XC700
Power: 750W Voltage: 48V Current: 30A

Sensor: XTS-200
Signal: Dual-sided Range: 0~100Nm

Display : XD05
DC24V/36V/48V 5 LEVELS

Motor: XRM090C
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