Passion to conquer
Sporting, is a release of the ambitious one's mindset tuned to conquer. XMOUVE EMTB solution, is created just for those brave ones, motivating their passion for sporty riding, either uplling or XC challenge. Dynamic motor offers more than necessary continuous and propelling assistance by adopting smart dual-sided non-contact torque sensor for immediate lineary feedback, while advanced outer rotor design of motor remarkably alleviate temperature increase to secure non-stop output even for extreme terrian . XMOUVE-EMTB solution, activates your passion, drives you to conquer.
Voltage: 48V Current: 14AH Weight:3.5KGS

Motor: XRM090C
Power: 750W Voltage: 48V Torque: ≥80Nm

Controller: XC200
Power:200-350W Voltage: 36V Current: l4A

Sensor: XTS-200
Signal: Dual-sided Range: 0~100Nm

Display : XM05
DC24V/36V/48V 5 LEVELS

Motor: XRM090C
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