Courage for the faraway
Where heart goes, steps follow. Faraway, is always the goal of people with active mind for touring,but confined by daily dullness. XMOUVE E-TOUR solution is here, ready to active the courge for expedition, to discover the truth and peacefulness of life. The system features in light weight and smart setting for riding smoothness and comfort; Max 42N.M assistance ensures easy riding to save rider's enengy as more as possible. Optimized program aims to extend range while offers enough support once necessary. Optional dual-battery solution is available to ensure tripcontinuousness . Quick-charging solution adopted further eases rider's range anxiety.
Voltage: 36V Current: 20AH Weight: 3.5KGS

Motor: XRM070C
Power: 250W Voltage: 24/36/48V Torque: ≥31Nm

Controller: XC100
FOC Voltage: 36V Current: l5A

Sensor: XTS-100
Signal: Dual-sided Range: 0~100Nm

Display : XD02C
DC24V/36V/48V 5 LEVELS

Motor: XRM070C
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