Promotion for sustainable logistics
Traditional delivery by modernized electric solution is becoming a perfect mean for urban logistics, especially with fast growing digital economy against more and more crowded streets in most European cities. XMOUVE ECARGO solution is invented as a promotion for suistainable urban delivey,the smart BMS makes it possible to adopt dual-battery and even more to extend range effectively without cutoff. Optimized smart controller is set for considerable assistance feedbacked by cadence sensor which is more endurable and reliable; Max 78 N.M strong assistance fabulously increses productivity even with heavy load.
Voltage: 36V Current: 17.5AH Weight:3.0KGS

Motor: XRM091C
Power: 250-750W Voltage: 48V Torque: ≥78Nm

Controller: XC500
FOC Voltage: 48V Current: 20A

Sensor: XCS-080
Signal: 12 SIGNALS

Display : XD05
DC24V/36V/48V 5 LEVELS

Motor: XRM091C
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